COMfortel® Xtension300

Add-on module for the COMfortel 2600, 2600 IP, 3200, 3500 and 3600 IP telephones with 30 freely programmable function keys

Stable mechanical connection with special fasteners

Can be expanded to max. three add-on modules

30 keys each with two levels and multi-coloured LEDs for 60 (system) functions and speed dialling programmable

Second function level can be accessed by double-clicking or simultaneously holding down the shift key

Convenient configuration and creation of the key descriptions via the telephone's web server

Your advantages in detail

The 15 freely programmable keys on the basic device are not enough? Do you need additional function keys so you can use SIP or system functions at the touch of a button? Then extend your COMfortel telephone easily with up to 3 COMfortel Xtension300 key extension modules. The maximum extension provides you with up to 210 function keys with which you can easily and clearly perform speed dialling or other functions.

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Features & technical data

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Phone Features

  • 30 keys and LEDs for 60 functions and direct dialling programmable
  • All keys either with two function levels
  • All LEDs multi-coloured
  • Second function level either via double-click or common shift key
  • Automatic generation and printing of key labels directly via configuration sotfware
  • Convenient programming via the configuration software of the connected telephone



Power supply

via the telephone’s Xtension connection or external power supply COMfortel XT-PS

Operating elements

30 freely programmable function keys each with 2 levels





Dimensions (w x h x d)

120 mm x 68/90/110 mm x 210 mm


approx. 310 g



Delivery Scope

  • Basic unit COMfortel Xtension300
  • Connection cable RJ-11/RJ-10 (length approx. 16 cm)
  • Connector including 2 attachment screws


COMfortel® XT-PS

Plug-in power supply for the supply of the key extension module COMfortel® Xtension300


COMfortel® 2600

ISDN system telephone with multi-level control, TFT colour display with touch function and USB port for PC connection

COMfortel® 2600 IP

Android™-based hybrid VoIP telephone (SIP and IP system phone), with 4.3" colour touch display and preconfigured answering machine

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