COMfortel® 1400 IP

Android™-based hybrid VoIP telephone (SIP and IP system phone), with 3.5" colour touch display and optional answering machine

Ability to synchronise address books and calendar with Apple® iCloud and Microsoft® Exchange (optional)

Excellent acoustic performance due to wideband and artificial bandwidth expansion in narrowband conversations

Standard Android™ operating system allows the integration of company applications

Encrypted signalling (SIPS) and voice data transmission (SRTP)

Secure provisioning with device specific certificate

Your advantages in detail

When operated as a hybrid VoIP telephone, the COMfortel 1400 IP functions superbly, both as a system phone on our ICT systems and as a standard SIP telephone on a software-based PBX or IP Centrex solution from other manufacturers and providers. Use the keys and directional pad to access its functions, or use it like a smartphone, thanks to the touch functionality on its 3.5 inch display. Its ten programmable keys with built-in status LEDs can be set to provide easy access to data entry, speed dialling and SIP functions.

If the appropriate functions have been enabled by the Online Shop (optional), you can use the push service from your cloud accounts to synchronise e-mails, calendar and contact data, use the integrated answering machine and support the use of an IP camera. There is a separate interface for standard headsets. An LED on the display hood lights up when calls arrive or when messages are received in the voicemail box (this function is especially useful when the telephone is mounted on a wall).

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Features & technical data

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System and comfort features

  • 10 programmable function keys, 2 levels
  • Programmable function keys (5) as touch function
  • Automatic background illumination with adjustable brightness and switch-on time
  • Individual background images and ring tones loadable
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable
  • Artificial voice bandwidth extension for consistently improved voice quality and intelligibility
  • Microphone mute
  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the local and the central phone book of the proprietary ICT system
  • Online name search (reverse search), with proprietary ICT systems
  • Phone book, >2,000 entries local
  • Access to the central phonebook of the proprietary ICT system
  • 100 list entries for callers, outgoing calls and redialling
  • Power-safe mode
  • Telephone lock, emergency calls possible
  • Set-up angle adjustable in 3 steps
  • Desktop and wall mounting


  • Basic activation via the Online Shop and start-up with plugging a Micro SD/SDHC card (not included)
  • Announcements (25) and messages (250)
  • Call acceptance and announcement dependent on type of call (int./ext./door/group)
  • Total capacity depends on the used memory (1 GB represent approx. 30 h recording capacity)
  • Voice recording and notepad function
  • High-quality audio due to uncompressed recording
  • Activation via function keys of the telephone
  • Remote activation and message forwarding

Android Operating System

  • Innovative operating concept with touch, key and gesture control
  • Alphanumeric Android keyboard via touch display
  • Synchronisation incl. push of contacts, calendar and e-mail with e. g. Microsoft® Exchange or Apple® iCloud1
  • Free allocatable screens for apps, contacts and widgets
  • Individualization with purchased or self-programmed apps

IP Features

  • 100 accounts, useable with 10 providers, 1 account max. as system telephone
  • SIP compliant (RFC 3261)
  • Encrypted signalling (SIPS), RFC3261
  • Encrypted speech data transmission (SRTP), RFC 3711 and RFC 4568
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • HTTP/HTTPS webserver integrated
  • VPN client integrated (IPsec, OpenVPN)
  • Integration of external subscribers, e. g. home offices, subsidiaries
  • Digest authentification (MD5)
  • VoIP codec G.722 (wideband) with supporting hardware, e.g. COMpact ICT systems (firmware from 7.2), Asterisk or IP-Centrex solutions
  • VoIP codecs G.711μ-Law/a-Law and iLBC
  • VoIP codec preselection
  • Prioritisation of voice data (Diff Serv)
  • High audio quality with echo cancellation
  • Tone dialling during a call (RFC 2833, SIP Info, In-Band)
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Date and time via NTP
  • LDAP
  • Device control via action URLs possible
  • Support of IP cameras, incl. PTZ control1
  • VLAN support (IEEE 802.1q)
  • STUN (UDP over NAT)
  • Mass roll outs via provisioning server (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and TFTP)
  • Power over Ethernet possible (PoE, IEEE802.3af)

Communication platforms

  • Asterisk Solutions
  • IP-Centrex solutions, Hosted PBX
  • Broadworks by Broadsoft
1 Paid activation required



Power supply

via PoE (according IEEE 802.3af, class 0)

Power consumption

2.4 W 4.1 W

Ethernet ports

2 port Ethernet switch 10/100 Base-T

System connection

Ethernet 10/100 Base-T


separate interface for corded speaker/microphone sets

Operating elements

dialling keys with vanity code, 13 function keys, 10 programmable function keys (2 levels)


Micro SD/SDHC card up to 16 GB, not included


TFT colour display (3.5" / 8.9 cm, 320 x 240 pixels) with resistive touch and 65,536 colours


14, some multi-coloured


wideband audio, electret-microphone, dynamical loudspeaker, hearing aid compatible

Hook switch

magnetically switching contact


8 Ohm, Ø 52 mm





Dimensions (w x h x d)

223 mm x 148/158/168 mm x 185 mm


approx. 980 g



Delivery Scope

  • Basic unit
  • Handset with connection cable
  • ISDN cable RJ-45/RJ-45 (approx. 3 m long)
  • Installation manual and quick start guide


COMfortel® H-200

Minimalist design with professional sound

COMfortel® PoE-100

PoE feed-in adapter complies for supplying power to PoE-enabled IP devices using the Fast Ethernet connection

More security for your device

Benefit from comprehensive protection. We offer you various possibilities to take advantage of our guarantees. So you are always on the safe side, no matter what your needs are. As a standard, you receive a 24-month warranty from us, through a specialist dealer even 36 months. With an additional fee-based warranty extension, you can extend your warranty to a maximum of 60 months. Please note that the warranty extension by a further 24 months can only be redeemed within the first 6 months after purchase of this product described here.

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