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The Molli runs on the rare track gauge of 900 mm, which was actually only used on industrial railways. The standard gauge, which is also referred to as full gauge on railways, has a gauge of 1435 mm.

Changing lanes with Auerswald

Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli erhält neue Telefonielösung

Against the background of the all-IP switchover, the Mecklenburgische Mühle Molli GmbH needed a new ITC infrastructure. The operator of the Molli Bahn relied on an Auerswald telephony solution that ensures convenient operation and cross-location internal communication.

Picturesque landscapes and distant glances in front of softly puffing and whistling background noise - even today, railroads still evoke romantic visions. Historic trains in particular have a special charm and have become a tourist highlight with a nostalgia factor in many places. This also applies to the steam-operated narrow-gauge railway “Molli” in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the first journey of which already took place in 1886. The Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli GmbH has been operating the almost 15-kilometer route between Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn West since 1995. The railway company is dedicated to various tasks, such as the operation of catering facilities, the rental of holiday apartments and the rental and leasing of commercial premises and apartments in the associated train stations. The overriding objective is to maintain the Molli Railway as a tourist attraction through targeted marketing measures and a wide range of experiences. The portfolio includes public and individual special trains, excursions in the region, a steam locomotive experience weekend and weddings.

In order to be able to handle enquiries from interested parties and existing customers, the infrastructure must be reliable. Fast internal agreements and continuously good accessibility also require a corresponding communication solution. The upcoming IP changeover, including the termination of the old line, made it necessary to replace the existing telephony infrastructure in 2018. The new system had to meet high technical requirements: On the one hand, the system should be user-friendly, on the other hand, all locations should be able to be connected via VPN (Virtual Private Network). "It was very important to us that the new equipment enables more flexibility and simplified handling," explains Michael Mißlitz, Managing Director of Bäderbahn Molli GmbH. In addition, particular emphasis was placed on the service and competence of the provider.

Location networking through VPN

The Mecklenburgische Madeni Pool Company finally chose a communication solution from the ITK specialist Auerswald. Key to the decision was the presentation of a solution with an Auerswald ITK system by Steffen Perlwitz, owner of the IT system house PerlSystem in Bitterfeld. The new equipment includes the IT system COMmander 6000RX and the IP telephones COMfortel 1400 IP, 2600 IP and 3600 IP. The modular VoIP appliance with a total of 28 devices was delivered very quickly. The Auerswald reseller PerlSystem implemented the devices without any problems within the two-week project period. Particular attention was paid to VPN networking: Since the telephony between the locations should work smoothly, the different prefixes had to be taken into account when setting up the secure network. The Auerswald devices are suitable for encrypted integration into the VPN - security in the network is thus guaranteed. In the course of VPN networking, several existing analogue end and fax devices had to be connected to the IP system and this challenge was also mastered without difficulty. This was largely due adapters having been integrated into the VPN for additional analog operation.

New ITC infrastructure optimizes everyday work

The Auerswald telephony solution offers the railway company various advantages. The COMmander 6000RX communication server is designed for 38 exchange channels and up to 112 internal ports. This directly doubled the number of conversation channels available to date. A number block allows the permanent assignment of extensions, so that employees can be reached from outside at any time. In addition, the COMmander 6000RX has a fully modular structure and thus ensures good scalability of the infrastructure. It is possible to expand the ITK system using a variety of expansion modules at a total of five slots as required. For example, eight additional VoIP channels can be implemented.

The communication server also has an automatic timer. A different configuration within and outside of business hours is easily possible. IP telephones also enhance everyday work. From the entry-level IP phone COMfortel 1400 IP to the high-end device COMfortel 3600 IP, the phones all deliver HD voice quality. The telephones can be operated with buttons and directional pad as well as via the touchscreen. The employees also benefit from the simple programmability of the function keys. Other helpful functions are the voicebox system and the busy lamp field. These features are particularly beneficial to employees during internal discussions and referrals.

Auerswald has successfully initiated the lane changeover to All-IP at the Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli: The newly installed ITK infrastructure fully meets the requirements. Since the devices were commissioned at the end of 2018, the telephony solution has noticeably improved work processes. For example, employees enjoy a high level of convenience when making calls. Since Auerswald already comes with a TAPI interface in the COMmander 6000RX, computer-based telephony (CTI) is used throughout the company. Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli GmbH is extremely satisfied with the Auerswald solution. “Thanks to the new equipment, our locations are optimally networked with one another - internal communication is now also possible across locations at any time. This enables us to work much more efficiently, " says Michael Mißlitz." "We feel our decision to use Auerswald has been totally confirmed."

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