Zero-Touch-Configuration (basic provisioninng)

This FAQ describes the simple first setup of Auerswald VoIP systemphones by using zero-touch configuration thus setting the phone's provider and account configuration by the PBX (basic provisioning).

Supported by the following PBXs (from version 6.6D):

  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 5000/5000R
  • COMmander 6000/6000R(X)

Supported by the following IP systemphones (from version 2.6B):

  • COMfortel 1400IP
  • COMfortel 2600IP
  • COMfortel 3600IP

Technical requirements:

  • Active DHCP server on the network
  • Phones are integrated into the network (e.g. by PoE Switch)
  • Phones are in factory default settings
  • Phones network-settings have been assigned by DHCP


Screenshot of the phone's Zero-Touch-configuration (only displayed in factory default):


  1. Create a VoIP-subscriber
  2. Grant access authorisation to the provisioning file (standard.xml) for the subscriber:
3. Assign the correct MAC-address to the subscriber:
4. When the provisioning-file and MAC-address are assigned to the subscriber the provisioning process of the phone starts. To see whether the process was successful check the status of the internal subscribers in "Monitoring":


The Phone language can be set in the pbx: