The intelligent SIP trunk solution

Accept orders. Agree deadlines. Provide product support. It doesn't matter which sector your company operates in: having a secure and reliable means by which business partners and employees can talk with each other is the basis for long-term success.

COMuniq, Auerswald's business SIP trunk, is your future-proof connection to IP telephony, providing crystal clear telephone calls over the Internet with 24/7 availability.

COMuniq not only provides first class levels of quality and reliability but is also the simplest way of meeting the challenges of mobile working and desk-sharing scenarios.

Connections to home offices can be set up in a matter of minutes and capacity can be expanded within the day. COMuniq is the most versatile, cost-effective solution any company could wish for when it comes to business communications.

Our COMuniq and COMuniq Mobile SIP trunk systems and the appropriate SIM card for mobile business communications are your starting point for 360 degree communications, provided by Auerswald. Any time. Any place. On any device.

Inter-site networking made easy

Use COMuniq to connect your sites, with no need for any additional investment. Simply allocate your blocks of phone numbers to your different sites. As this doesn't require a VPN connection, it not only keeps your accountants happy but greatly reduces the time and effort spent on administration and maintenance.

Free "CLIP -no screening-"
Does your company work in more than one location? Do you want to display a particular phone number when you make a call to your customers? Then simply use "CLIP -no screening-" when you make a call, to display the phone number you want, to your call partner, no matter where you are.

Flexibly scalable
Our communications solutions can be implemented at any time. All you need to do is decide when you want to use any one of COMuniq's services, and for how long. You can also adjust the number of channels at any time, to suit your current requirements.

The "One Number Concept", thanks to COMuniq Mobile

With the "One Number Concept", you can conduct any conversation, from anywhere in Germany (even from your mobile phone), over your company's land line number. Our optional COMuniq Mobile function, with Core FMC integration, is what makes this possible.

  • No need for call forwarding
    You can still be reached on your land line number, even when you're out of the office.
  • You can also make outgoing calls with this phone number
    You can make calls from your mobile telephone, as if you were in the office, thanks to fully integrated COMuniq Mobile FMC (fixed mobile convergence) functionality. The person you're calling still sees your usual land line number.
  • In-house extension numbers are included
    Save time by calling your colleagues directly, in the usual way, even when you're not in the office

The COMuniq conference room

You can add an audio conference room to any SIP trunk. The benefit of this is that you can have discussions with colleagues and members of staff or business partners, no matter where you or they are. Cut travel costs and optimise the use of physical conference rooms by simply transferring future meetings to the COMuniq conference room.

The COMuniq conference room:

  • Can handle up to 25 simultaneous subscribers (internal or external)
  • is always available, with a fixed phone number
  • is protected by subscriber PIN
  • has a minimum term of only 3 months, and can be cancelled any time after that

Book your conference room now, as the perfect addition to COMuniq SIP trunk.

A summary of the most important benefits of COMuniq:

  • IP-based future-proof solution
  • exceptional voice quality
  • maximum security thanks to redundant platform operation
  • fully automatic phone number diversion if your local connection is disrupted
  • all services are freely scalable and set up to suit the size of your company
  • existing line capacity can be increased on the same working day
  • all members of staff can contact each other without system gaps
  • inter-site networking included
  • cost-free in-house telephony
  • web tool makes administration easy
  • 24/7 Business Class customer service

Find out where you can potentially reduce costs in your current communications solution. It's worth comparing the figures!

Our Sales team will help you find an expert contact person in your area who will help you calculate your potential savings.


Are you a specialised Auerswald dealer? Would you like to sell COMuniq & COMuniq Mobile? Let's have a chat! We'll send you all the necessary documentation and give you detailed advice about the products.


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