New alarm and location features for your Auerswald IP DECT system

Benefit now from the latest productivity improvements

With the new AML features for your Auerswald IP DECT system you are now always safe.

These are the new features:

  • A (Alarm): An alarm can be triggered directly from the handset. The COMfortel M-710 and COMfortel M-730 with their dedicated alarm buttons are particularly suitable for this.
  • M (Messaging): This feature makes it possible to receive the messages sent by the alarm server in facilities with alarm systems and to be able to confirm them – important e.g. in hospitals or nursing homes. In addition, general alarms such as a fire alarm can be displayed.
  • L (Location): With this function, an alarm server can poll the current location of certain handsets within the IP DECT radio area from the DECT server. This ensures that you can be located quickly at any time.

These are the requirements for using the AML features:

  • WS-500S or WS-500M with version 2.42.0 or higher.
  • COMfortel M-700 series with version 10.04 or higher
  • one AM or AML licence per handset used

You can purchase the following activations in our online shop:

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