New – Release COMtrexx Software 2.2.3

New Software for COMtrexx Advanced, COMtrexx Business, COMtrexx Flex, COMtrexx Next and COMtrexx VM

The new version includes the following improvements and bug fixes.


  • Backup and restore
    Clear error messages in the event of a non-functioning backup.
  • Service data
    Prevention of unnecessary notifications.

Bug fixes

  • E-mail transfer
    Data from deleted outgoing mail servers may still have been used.
  • Holidays
    When a new public holiday was created, an additional public holiday was always created on the following day.
  • FONtevo
    Misleading error message when commissioning FONtevo phones on COMtrexx Next.
  • MWI
    Signalling on DECT handsets did not work if several telephones were assigned to the user.
  • PBX Call Assist
    In the call list of the PBX Call Assist, the internal user number was displayed instead of the dialled external number in the event of unsuccessful calls.
  • Key functions
    Only COMtrexx Flex: The factory settings could not be restored with the key function.
  • Voice mail and fax boxes
    Only COMtrexx Business: After updating to version 2.2.1, an unused USB stick led to non-functioning voice mail and fax boxes. The USB stick is now ignored again.
  • Music on hold
    After announcement before answering, music on hold was played during the call phase, even if the function was switched off.
  • Web interface
    Administration > Network > Server service > SFTP server: Superfluous settings removed.

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