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Telecommunication solutions for healthcare – Nursing and residential homes

FONtevo offers greater vitality for nursing and residential homes

Employees: 17

"Some of our residents are still very sprightly but others are dependent on support for every movement. Consequently, simple communication systems that the patient or the nurse, who is often under time pressure, can control intuitively are in demand. Our nurse call system, which is connected to an alarm server (RedOne) from point omega, is therefore very important. Although we are well equipped to provide first aid, it is often necessary to make emergency calls. So it's comforting to know that such emergency calls always take priority for the PBX – we have invested in a highly scalable COMtrexx soft PBX solution - such emergency calls always have priority. Through the certification of COMtrexx on the part of point omega, the IP desktop telephones can be linked to almost all common patient call systems via the professional point omega alarm servers. This system integration allows a wide variety of communication tasks to be handled centrally via the same end devices - from calling patients to answering bell or nurse calls to providing emergency service information via the door intercom system. This provides enormous relief as well as increased efficiency in our sometimes very hectic daily work routine.”

Caren P.
Managing Director