waiting queues
In COMfortel system telephones, the waiting field is used to take incoming calls, forward them to another subscriber, put them in the waiting loop for a busy subscriber, hold them in the waiting field or fetch them again by pressing a key
Meaning: "Wide Area Network"; this is a computer network such as the Internet, which covers a wide geographical area
web interface
The use of a browser to display the control software for a device or system; this means that there is no need for a separate application for displaying it
web tool
Small software tool, usually made available as a service in the Internet
Network protocol used to make files available over the Internet
Open communication standard that enables real-time communication to take place over computer-to-computer links, via web browsers, e.g. for video conferencing, file transfer, chats and desktop sharing
Mini application that contains information and/or control functions, and can be placed directly on the home screen of, for example, a smartphone or tablet
A kind of WLAN, certified according to the IEEE-802.11 standard
wireless headset
Combined earphone/microphone combination with radio connection
A wireless network, used to connect mobile devices to the local network via a wireless access point
workplace model
Definition of how workplaces and working times are configured