vanity keyboard
A keypad on which letters are assigned to numbers, enabling a user to dial phone numbers as phone words instead of a sequence of numbers
Meaning: "Virtual Local Area Network"; a virtual network within a local network, used, for example, to separate IP telephony from other data traffic on a logical level
voicemail message
A message left in the voicemail system; this is stored electronically and can be queried with the PC or a system telephone, or forwarded as an e-mail
voicemail system
A voicemail system is a centralised system used for sending, storing and retrieving audio messages, for all subscribers in an ICT system
Meaning: "Voice over IP" – telephony over IP-based networks
VoIP appliance
Stand-alone ICT hardware with implemented VoIP software
VoIP channel
A VoIP channel transports the signalling and voice data in a connection between two subscribers or between a subscriber and the telephone system
VoIP codec
A codec consists of two functional units for coding and decoding signals and data for transmission over a data network; in the case of VoIP codecs, the compression factor determines the quality of the audio signal during IP telephony
VoIP subscriber
A user of an internal VoIP connection, registered in an ICT system
VoIP telephone
Telephone with signalling and audio transmission over the Internet Protocol (IP)
Voucher Center
Website to redeem function activation vouchers purchased via the Auerswald online shop or distribution, providing series number specific information about associated devices
voucher code
A voucher can be purchased in the Auerswald online shop, which contains a code that can be used to activate a function in an Auerswald system, e.g. enhancement on-hold positions for incoming calls
Meaning: "Virtual Private Network"; this type of network connects two remote networks via a "tunnel", transmitted data is encrypted and cannot be read by external parties
VPN client
Software used to establish a secure data connection between the user and the VPN server
VPN server
Software used to establish a VPN and manage connected VPN clients