Meaning: "Unified Communication", a collective term for the integration of all kinds of different communications applications, types and channels within a communication solution
Meaning: "Unified Communication & Collaboration", a collective term for the integration of UC with additional tools for optimising the ways staff in companies work together
Meaning: "user interface", a human/machine interface, usually control software, with which users interact with a technical system
Meaning: "United Messaging" – this is used to present incoming messages to the user in a uniform form, e.g. as e-mail with attached audio, image or text files
Describes the merging of different types of communication on a single platform
UP0 connection
In an ICT system, the UP0 port is used for connecting digital end devices, using a single twin-core wire; COMfortel series ISDN system telephones are connected directly to the internal UP0 port, other ISDN devices need a UP0/S0 adapter
Digital interface for devices in IT technology
USB host port
Interface for devices with Universal Serial Bus
USB interface
Siftware interface, Universal Serial Bus standard
USB port
Hardware interface, Universal Serial Bus standard
user interface
The place at which a user interacts with operating software and hardware, in order to use it
user licence
Gives a user the right to use an Auerswald COMtrexx system