on prem
On prem or on premises refers to a usage and licensing model for server-based computer programmes (software)
on-hold position
Multiple accepted calls can be parked in an ICT system's waiting field, and then transferred to someone later on. A call's park position indicates its place in the waiting calls queue
one-touch dial
Quick dialling of a programmed telephone number by pressing a function key
online reverse search
If no suitable entry is found in a local telephone book or the central telephone book, for an incoming call, the ICT system runs an online name search over the Internet, to display the caller's name
open query
A caller who is to be transferred can be placed in a waiting position so that the requested communication partner can take the call on a different internal telephone
overvoltage protection module
Device that protects other devices within the same wired network against voltage surges, e.g. during thunderstorms