ICT server
General term for a central network-based system (hardware or software) that performs all the telecommunications tasks and services in a company
ICT system
New term that replaces "PBX". The IT-oriented services provided by modern communications systems have made "PBX" obsolete
instant messaging
Messaging service that uses a programme called Instant Messenger for communications in real time
The intercom function plays an announcement over the room's loudspeaker on one or more desk telephones (system telephones); it can also enable the hands-free microphone
A wireless communication protocol used to control home automation products made by different manufacturers
IP address
An IP address is assigned to every connected device in a network, so that it can be accessed directly
IP camera support
Auerswald/FONtevo IP system telephones can be used to integrate IP cameras and control them, e.g. for monitoring purposes or for video door calls
IP DECT multi-cell server
The base station of an IP-based multiple radio cell DECT telephone system
IP DECT single-cell server
The base station of an IP-based single radio cell DECT telephone system
IP DECT system
In contrast to a standard DECT system, the base unit in an IP DECT system is connected to the telephone infrastructure, e.g. the ICT system, via IP
IP telephone
Telephone that connects to IP-based networks
The IP (Ingress Protection) code, e.g. IP20, classifies and rates the suitability of electrical devices for use in different environmental conditions and also the degree to which they protect users against the potential risks of using them
Internet Protocol Version 6 (successor of IPv4) is the latest generation of the globally implemented process for transmitting data in computer networks, especially in the Internet
IVR - Interactive Voice Response
With COMuniq ONE a voice response system that interacts with the caller. The caller listens to the IVR system menu and answers by pressing a button on the phone. Depending on the caller's answers, the IVR responds accordingly.