Fast Ethernet switch
Networking hardware that connects devices within a computer network and ensures data packets reach their destination device; maximum transmission speed on Fast Ethernet: 100 Mbit/s
fax protocol
The basis for communication between fax devices that includes the signals used to establish and close the connection, transfer telephone numbers, set the date and time and acknowledge receipt of the message
fax switch
When a call is received, the fax switch identifies whether the call is a fax or telephone call and diverts the connection to the appropriate end device
feature enhancement
The extension of the scope of services provided by a piece of hardware or software
feature level
The right, purchased as part of a maintenance contract (service contract), to use specific feature classes for Auerswald COMtrexx systems
feature level uplift
The purchase of a "maintenance article" that grants the right to update to higher feature classes in future feature updates to Auerswald COMtrexx systems
feature update
The extension or improvement of existing features
A term used in computer-aided communications to describe a unique identity over several (remote) systems, used in UCC systems that extend beyond individual company networks
operating software for a device or system
firmware licence
A purchased right to use firmware
firmware release
Version status of a firmware
firmware update
In an update, the operating system software for a device or system is upgraded to a more recent version
The implementation of technical functions via firmware
Fixed Mobile Convergence
A term used in telecommunications to describe the convergence (coming together) of fixed networks and mobile wireless networks with the option of using personal end devices and services independently of specific networks and locations
floating user licence
A right to use the software or functions of Auerswald COMtrexx systems that can be transferred between users
floating user licence model
Model for transferring usage rights to different users of Auerswald COMtrexx systems
Simple data transfer protocol with no checking mechanisms
Meaning: "Foreign eXchange Office", a PBX's analogue exchange line connection
Meaning: "Foreign eXchange Station", a PBX's analogue remote exchange connections