data synchronisation
Calendar data, contact data and e-mails can be synchronised on the IP system telephones in the COMfortel range
DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication – a standard for digital cordless telephony and data transfer
DECT cell
Working range of a DECT base station or DECT repeater
DECT multi-cell server
Base station for a DECT telephone system that consists of multiple radio cells
DECT multi-cell system
DECT system with multiple radio cells
DECT range
Radio range of a DECT cell
DECT single-cell server
Base station for a single-radio cell DECT telephone system
DECT single-cell system
DECT system with a single radio cell
DECT system
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication system for telephony and data transfer
Automatic or targeted distribution of software or firmware to software-based devices from a central point
desk telephone
Telephone with desk-top enclosure and wired connection to an infrastructure
Automatic assignment of dynamic IP addresses to network devices when they are connected to the server or router
direct call
In a direct call, any key, or a specified key, can be pressed to establish a connection to a remote terminal without dialling the phone number
direct external line access
The dialling and use of one of several exchange lines
DND (Do Not Disturb)
This function blocks incoming calls from particular phone numbers or subscribers or calls received at particular times
door intercom system
In contrast to stand-alone systems, Auerswald and FONtevo door terminal systems are integrated in the internal telephone infrastructure and provide direct communication between the door terminal system and subscriber telephones
door terminal
The external part of a door terminal system, consisting of one or more door bell buttons, a loudspeaker and a microphone
dynamic IP address
IP address automatically assigned to a network device by the router to which it is connected