All IP
All IP means that telephony (Voice over IP – abbreviation "VoIP") and other services are carried over IP-based networks (also known as "NGNs" – Next Generation Networks)
all-in-one solution
Compact system or software that does not require any other components to perform its tasks
Allnet Flat
With COMuniq ONE an optional add-on for a tariff that includes all calls to the German fixed network, German mobile network and the EU fixed network.
Feature set for the COMfortel M-700 mobile telephones, used for communication with alarm servers (alarm activation, receiving of alarm messages, location detection)
analogue connection
In traditional telephony, the connection of an analogue end device, using two wire cores (The term a/b connenction is only commonly used in Germany)
analogue port
In traditional telephony, the point at which an analogue end device accesses the telephone system or telephone network (The term a/b port is only commonly used in Germany)
announcement before answering
Plays a greeting message to the caller before their call is accepted and/or if all group members are busy
A functional unit, consisting of hardware and software, designed to perform a particular task; for example, the COMpact 5500R, used as a telecommunications system
Device suitable to establish a connection with one or more standard analogue telephones to the voice over IP network
audio electronics
Electronic unit to process audio signals
auto provisioning
Automatic setup of e.g. IP telephones by means of configuration data provided
automatic reception
This function automatically connects an external caller with the person they want to contact by dialling a digit according to an announcement (e.g. "... If you would like to talk to the Sales team, press 1")