PBX Call Assist

The perfect add-on for flexible and mobile working

Unified Communications & CTI Software

Interactive and agile communications solutions are defining the basis for a flexible and mobile work environment. PBX Call Assist will extend your Auerswald PBX phone system with a reliable component to create a single platform for all communication within the company.

100 % Flexibility
PBX Call Assist provides his users with a maximum of flexibility within the chosen work environment. Platform-independent and device-spanning desktop and mobile clients for:

  • Microsoft Windows & macOS
  • iOS and Android

Presence management for efficient communication
At a glance, the integrated presence management shows you the availability of team members as well as contacts and helps you to choose the most useful communication channel. The Microsoft Teams integration enables a mutual comparison of presence and call status.

Your business phone, anywhere
The integrated SIP softphone enables you to make internal and external telephone calls. This way, you also have a unified connection to partners, suppliers and customers outside the company.

Home office - welcome to a new world of work

Digital transformation changes the way we work - PBX Call Assist supports you and your teams in working together both flexibly and efficiently, even in your home office - interactively and from any location.

The 3 elements for a successful communication

7% verbal

speech + content

38% para-verbal

the tone of voice, volume, articulation

55% non-verbal

facial expression, gestures, body language

PBX Call Assist provides you with versatile ways of communication channels to deliver your information and messages.

Versatile communication channels for a modern work environment

No matter where you work - in the office, from home or on the move - PBX Call Assist offers you always the convenience for an easy and secure communication, regardless of your location

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Control your calls with just a few clicks directly from your PC. There is no need to enter phone numbers manually - this is convenient and saves time.

Smartphone integration with Bluetooth
Use the CTI functionality also to manage your smartphone. This connection enables you, among other things, to have seamless call management via a headset connected to the PC.

Video chat
The integrated WebRTC-based video chat allows you convenient video conferencing with your team members - for effective project work at different locations.

Simply share – screen sharing
Show your latest presentations, documents, images or videos and visually integrate your internal meeting partners for efficient collaboration with easy screen sharing.

Instant Messaging (Chat)
For quick and easy coordination among each other – the chat function allows you to exchange messages.

Compatible with the following ITC systems

COMpact 5500R

Fully modular, expandable VoIP appliance for 19" rack.

Product details

COMpact 5200R

Fully modular communication server (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for 19" racks.

Product details

COMpact 5200

Fully modular communication server (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for wall mounting.

Product details

COMpact 4000

Partially modular, compact ITC system (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for wall mounting.

Product details

COMtrexx® Business

Large ICT all-rounder with legacy interfaces for up to 150 users.

Product details

COMtrexx® VM

Hardware independent soft PBX solution for up to 250 users.

Product details

COMtrexx® Advanced

Ultimate performance COMtrexx Appliance

Product details

COMmander® 6000R

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks.

Product details

COMmander® 6000RX

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 15 modules.

Product details