The simple and flexible PBX solution for new business communication. The COMtrexx offers numerous options for home offices and on the go: It ensures your business continuity in the long term and implements cross-platform solutions from anywhere, regardless of the end device.

High scalability and sustainability
The floating user license model offers flexible and simple management of users and devices. This ensures the highest level of investment protection because the COMtrexx grows with your business.

Everything included - full productivity right from the start
From the first user license on you benefit from all COMtrexx features (e.g. COMfortel SoftPhone*, IVR, conferences, voice mail, fax box, etc.)

More time for your business
You benefit from 40% time savings during the rollout thanks to zero-touch provisioning


Ready to go in minutes!

Test the COMtrexx with all functions free of charge and without obligation.

Test the COMtrexx VM for free now!


* The COMfortel SoftPhone is the cost-effective solution for mobile business communication. If you decide to buy a COMtrexx system now, the COMfortel softphone is included free of charge for 12 months from initialisation of the system for all users! For permanent use, please contact your dealer or system partner. Licences for use with a COMpact system can also be purchased in the shop.

COMfortel SoftPhone

Voice & Message included*: The COMfortel SoftPhone in every COMtrexx floating user license

COMtrexx® VM

With initial levels of scalability that can handle 250 users in up to 250 simultaneous conversations, the COMtrexx Soft PBX solution provides effective access to purely software-centric new markets and expansion levels.
With its optimised links to D-Series SIP end devices, the system has the technical capacity to provide the critical functionality found in the successful COMpact series.

With its outstanding scalability, you can now expand your system to generate new areas of business activity and potential sources of revenue.

Thanks to its virtualised server structures and dedicated hardware platforms, the Soft PBX solution fits seamlessly into existing system environments.

Available for Oracle VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi target systems.

If you're interested in COMtrexx VM, click here to have a look at the user test licenses.

COMtrexx® Next

COMtrexx Next is an extremely compact and attractively priced solution. It is specifically designed for SMEs with up to 40 users and offers the full COMtrexx scope of services.

Attractively priced soft PBX from the smallest configuration level upwards

Up to 40 users with a maximum of 200 devices and 40 simultaneous calls

Compact, noiseless and extremely energy-efficient

COMtrexx® Flex

As a 19" hardware appliance, COMtrexx Flex impresses with maximum flexibility in the number of users, end devices and system extensions. It thus defines a new level of performance in the COMtrexx class.

Scalable up to 250 users for technically demanding, medium-sized companies

Get started immediately with the 10 included COMtrexx floating user licences

Expandable to up to 12 analogue ports and with a second Ethernet interface

COMtrexx® Advanced

COMtrexx Advanced is the flagship appliance in COMtrexx product lineup, combining the advantages of the future-proof COMtrexx Soft-PBX with a compact, enterprise-class rack server. Equipped with an Intel® Xeon® E processor of the latest generation, COMtrexx Advanced enables the hazzle-free and cost-effective implementation of projects with up to 250 users with a maximum of 250 simultaneous calls. The convenient all-in-one solution is a door opener to new markets and business areas for higher sales potential.

Appliance based on a compact enterprise server with COMtrexx Soft-PBX pre-installed in the latest version.

Projects with up to 250 users and a maximum of 250 concurrent calls can be carried out within very short time.

The set-up is timesaving and fully automated using the latest generation of zero-touch provisioning.

Use COMpact and COMmander ICT systems as a/b gateways!

In order to network existing ICT systems of the COMpact and COMmander line including connected analogue terminals with a COMtrexx, they can be used as a/b gateways. You can read how this works in the following instructions.


COMpact/COMmander ICT systems as a/b gateway (PDF)

Floating user licence model

Cost-effective, exceptionally scalable and multi-device capable

Thanks to the new, cost-effective floating user licence model, you benefit from flexibility and ease of scalability. In contrast to standard user-specific licenses, floating user licenses are not linked to particular users. Instead, any user currently logged onto one or more devices can use a license from the license pool. For example, if two part-time employees share a full-time job, they only need one license, because only one of them is logged onto an end device at any one time. The additional benefit: since a user can log on to up to 5 devices at the same time, almost all scenarios of mobile work can be mapped.

The benefits to you:

  • customer projects can be sized and implemented even more flexibly
  • new ways of working can be created
  • license management reduced to the minimum
  • with just one floating user license, up to 5 devices can be operated per user

More information about the floating user license (PDF)

PBX Call Assist

Infinite availability

The versatile PBX Call Assist UC solution ensures you stay completely connected, no matter where you are: at your desk in the office, or using your smartphone, on the move.

PBX Call Assist is non-platform specific and supports Windows, macOS, iOS & Android. With PBX Call Assist, you get classic telephony directly in Microsoft Teams - without SBC and other Microsoft add-on licences for telephony. Not only does PBX Call Assist now enable you to work and communicate more effectively with company colleagues, but it also provides a consistent connection to partners, suppliers and customers outside your company.

The benefits to you:

  • can be used by any COMtrexx license holder
  • easily upgradeable, because the application has a separate license
  • greater range of functions



Zero-touch provisioning

Zero-touch means "zero effort and zero cost"

The latest generation of fully automated zero-touch provisioning functionality enables devices to be commissioned faster than ever before. COMtrexx automatically recognises every device, in the same network, that can be registered by provisioning. There's no need to register the devices in the system first. Extended configurations can then be downloaded to the end devices using remote administration.

The benefits to you:

  • end devices are logged in quickly and easily
  • centralised device management
  • reduction of on-site administration


Roaming user function

Maximum flexibility for desk sharing

The roaming user-function gives every user maximum freedom by allowing them to log on and off any end device in the system. It ensures that their personal data, such as their own caller lists, is always taken with them when they log on and off. When used together with the floating user license, this function creates the perfect environment for implementing modern working practises such as desk-sharing. In addition to enabling users to share workplaces, the roaming user function also makes it easier for companies to operate shift working models.

The benefits to you:

  • flexible workplace options
  • maximum flexibility for users
  • less administrative effort when used together with the floating user license

A direct comparison of COMtrexx® solutions

Here are all the critical features of the solutions at a glance

COMtrexx® VM

A flexible, scalable, non-hardware-specific soft PBX solution. With COMtrexx® VM, you can access purely software-centric marketplaces and even higher expansion levels.

As this soft PBX solution is entirely virtualised, it can be integrated seamlessly into existing system landscapes. With its combination of cutting-edge functions and outstanding scalability, this system is tailor-made to handle the unique requirements of any company.

  • A maximum of 250 users in up to 250 simultaneous calls
  • A maximum of 750 end devices
  • Available for the Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi and Oracle VirtualBox virtualisation environments
  • With Tryout mode and 3 test licenses for testing purposes

Product details

COMtrexx® Next

Maximum productivity and minimum costs for up to 40 users

The smallest COMtrexx appliance with the full range of Soft PBX features. A professional, future-proof and modern communication system that is guaranteed to fit into any environment. The clever COMtrexx Next makes it possible!
Attractively priced Soft PBX - ideal for small extensions

  • Compact, noiseless and extremely energy-saving
  • Up to 40 users with a maximum of 200 devices and 40 simultaneous calls

Product details

COMtrexx® Flex

Future-proof PBX appliance with legacy interfaces for up to 250 users

COMtrexx Flex is a manufacturer-assembled solution for up to 250 users. The optional integrated gateway supports up to 12 analogue ports. With the option of adding an additional Ethernet port, the system becomes a real all-rounder.

  • Scalable up to 250 users
  • Includes 10 floating user licences
  • Up to 12 analogue ports can be added
  • Can be expanded with the COMtrexx Flex GbE Module

Product details

COMtrexx® Advanced

The COMtrexx Advanced Appliance combines all advantages of the COMtrexx Soft-PBX with an industry-standard 19-inch server.

A reliable and high-performance appliance solution that can cope with even the most demanding projects with up to 250 users and exploits the full potential of the COMtrexx Soft-PBX. Thus, the COMtrexx Advanced is the perfect enabler for future-proof soft PBX installations in various usage scenarios.

  • Latest generation Intel®Xeon® E CPU
  • Zero-touch provisioning for fast and reliable installations
  • Includes a full-featured tryout mode including 3 user licenses (time restricted)

Product details