TFS-Dialog 200 series

The compact door intercom systems blend discreetly into any environment, completely uncomplicated and without any structural changes. Simply attach to the wall or on the door frame with two screws and connected to the ITC system with a two-wire cable, they impress with the best voice quality and all kinds of technical finesse.


LanguagesCurrent version
Statements of conformity V09 10/2022 PDF
Operating instructions V09 10/2020 PDF
Instructions a/b Switching Module V03 10/2020 PDF
Labelling template 02 08/07 PDF
Quick Guide V01 01/10 PDF

Instructions a/b Switching Module

Safety information

Note about qualified electrician complemented.

Note about door bell transformer complemented. Note about inflammable materials deleted.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: Values changed

Contact load capacity: Values changed

Several editiorial changes


Recommended parameter settings for Auerswald door intercom systems

 TFS-Universal plus / a/b
TFS-Dialog 300 / 400
TFS-Dialog 200
   Sensitivity    Volume    Sensitivity    Volume  
Default value3232
COMander Basic.2
COMmander Business
COMpact 2206 USB
COMpact 4410 USB
COMpact 4406 DSL
COMpact 2104.2 USB
COMpact 2204 USB
ETS-1006 FAX1212
ETS-2106 I Rev.2
ETS-2204 I
ETS-4308 I
Agfeo AS 405353
Fritz Box3291
Fritz Box Fon WLAN 70503266
Elmeg ICT 465353
Panasonic KX-TDA151031

Note: The installation location, the internal room acoustics and the number of connected a/b switching modules may influence the specified values. The parameter values may deviate from the recommended values.

The COMpact 3000 analog/ISDN/VoIP PBXs don't feature an interface for FTZ-standard doorphones.

However, you can use analog doorphones such as our TFS-Dialog 20x/30x/universal plus. In addition, you can use the TSA - a / b use this converter can convert different doorphone to a / b port .