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Information for the online name search and restrictions for Gmail user

Online name search*

The template for the online name search in Germany via "das Örtliche" has been updated. Due to the bug fixes made, the online name search is available to you again without restrictions.

What is the online name search anyway?

With the online name search, the phone number of a caller is sent to an external provider, for example If there is a phone book entry for this number and the phone number owner has not objected to the reverse search, the name of the phone book entry is sent back to the telephone system. The name of the caller identified in this way is then displayed on the called system telephones and also transferred to the call data list.

To simplify the settings in our ICT systems, we provide the possibility to download the configuration data via the system and import it as a template. In addition to "das Örtliche" we also offer templates of other providers.


Restrictions for Gmail users

The automatic e-mail dispatch from the ICT system will no longer be supported by Google Gmail accounts in the future. We therefore recommend that you use a different e-mail provider.


*concerns the COMmander 6000 / 6000R / 6000RX, COMpact 5500R / 5200 / 5200R / 5000 / 5000R / 4000 / 3000

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