New sales potential with COMtrexx solution

One PBX solution for all requirements – COMtrexx with up to 250 User

The new COMtrexx solution is the perfect expansion to the successful Auerswald portfolio to ensure business continuity in any situation. The new, future-proof COMtrexx is available both as a hardware appliance and as a hardware-independent VM solution.

With scalability increased to 250 users with up to 250 simultaneous calls, the COMtrexx soft PBX solution enables access to new, purely software-centric marketplaces and expansion levels.
Here, the optimised connection of the SIP terminals of the D-series is the technical basis for the provision of important functions of the successful COMpact series.

Via zero touch provisioning of the latest generation, the commissioning of devices is carried out in an extremely time-saving, fully automated plug-and-play mode. The modern and transparent user interface supports efficient setup and operation. The integrated conferencing solution enables up to 10 parallel conference rooms with up to 20 internal participants.

COMtrexx VM – soft PBX for virtualisations

The COMtrexx VM solution with 250 users and 250 simultaneous calls is the purely software-based, hardware-independent communication solution. By supporting three leading virtualisation platforms, the soft PBX solution can be seamlessly integrated into already existing system landscapes.

COMtrexx Business - the one-stop solution

The COMtrexx Business offers the manufacturer-assembled solution for up to 150 users with up to 40 simultaneous calls. The integrated analogue gateway supports up to 20 analogue telephones. In addition, a further Ethernet interface can be retrofitted.

For more information on the COMtrexx solution, please visit our product pages COMtrexx VM and COMtrexx Business.

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