New – Firmware update 2.57.0 for COMfortel DECT bases

New update for COMfortel WS-500S and WS-500M

In addition to various bug fixes, the new version includes the following:

New function

  • Automatic online firmware update via web configurator with link to release notes.


  • EPOS/Sennheiser GAP Headsets now supported.
  • Upgrade open SSL from version 1.1.1 to version 3.0.
    • SHA1/MD5 based certificates are deprecated (Except for existing factory provisioning certificate).
    • Block possibility of adding certs with SHA1 or MD5 based signatures.
  • Embedded Integrator reset option via web configurator offers more roles.
  • Syslog and user change time stamp now contain year by default.
  • After DECT system software update, the Handset DECT (PNCAP) functionality is refreshed.
  • DNS SRV failover handling improved, after DNS renewal Register requests are sent to primary server.
  • Central Phonebook
    • Enabled again
    • Network access closed when not used
    • „Refresh now“ button in web configurator
    • Add "search anywhere in name" option in web configurator.
  • Multiple PBX redundancy by moved permanently or temporarily.
  • Access code special treatment configured via web configurator.
  • Migration to line-ID based ringing (and other future features) by automatic PNCAP.
  • Registration after firmware update with all registered and whitelisted handsets.
  • Web configurator
    • Show reason why upload license file failed.
    • Base station export drop-down box supports: XML/CSV
    • Embedded Integrator reset option via web configurator offers more roles.
    • CNIPoverLookup improvement web configurator setting
  • Base export button setup confusing
  • For improved interoperability and robustness, ptp operation of V2.57.0 is back to two-step clock synchronisation.

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