June highlight: COMfortel WS 500S/M – IP DECT solutions with all the freedoms

Keep growing with your requirements!

With the new upgrade licences WS-500S Multi and WS-500M Manager, growing without hardware replacement is possible! Your Auerswald IP DECT system scales almost indefinitely via licences and can easily keep pace with your growing business – whether at one or several locations.

Upgrade licence WS-500S Multi
With the upgrade licence WS-500S Multi you can upgrade the DECT single-cell solution COMfortel WS-500S to the feature level of a DECT multicell solution COMfortel WS-500M without hardware exchange. The multicell solution can be expanded to up to 60 bases, so you can increase your system from 20 subscribers and 8 concurrent calls to up to 250 subscribers and 60 concurrent calls.

Upgrade licence WS-500M Manager

For even larger expansions, the WS-500M Manager upgrade licence allows you to install up to 240 bases* in one system. Up to 800 subscribers are possible in this upgrade level.

The upgrade licences WS-500S Multi and WS-500M Manager can be ordered now as voucher cards.

They can be purchased directly as software licences in our online shop.

For more information on our IP DECT systems, please refer to the corresponding product pages COMfortel WS-500S and COMfortel WS-500M.

*Requires several WS-500M Manager upgrade licences.

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