COMfortel H-500 – Professional wireless headset

Comfortable freedom of movement with highest sound quality

With the new wireless headset COMfortel H-500 based on DECT, you are perfectly equipped for a successful working day with real talk time of up to nine hours – regardless of whether you work in your office or from home.

Enjoy more freedom of movement with the COMfortel H-500!

Do you want to move freely when making a phone call? Looking for important documents at the same time or quickly getting a coffee from the kitchen? No problem, even during a call – enjoy more freedom of movement with theCOMfortel H-500 at a range of up to 100 metres, while you also have both hands free. And if you stray too far from your base, the range warning will alert you in advance.

Easy to use and to wear with excellent sound quality

With crystal-clear sound through wideband audio and noise cancelling, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear. In addition, suppression of sound level peaks protects your hearing. Thanks to EHS support, all important telephony functions such as answering and ending calls, volume control and microphone muting can be controlled directly on the headset. In just two to three hours the headset is fully charged by the magnetic docking system of the base station; during the charging process and during calls the LED illumination panel of the base station lights up. Automatic setup allows base station and headset to be set up quickly. Speaking of quickly - you can even optimise your personal workflow by automatically accepting calls when you remove the headset from the base (auto pick up).

The COMfortel H-500 DECT headset can be used with all devices of the COMfortel D-series as well as the COMfortel 2600, 2600 IP and 3600 IP.

A treat for the ears, a treat for the eyes – depending on your personal preference, you can replace the blue-green colour bezel on the headset by a black bezel that comes with the headset.

Further information you will find on the corresponding product page for COMfortel H-500.

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