COMfortel D-600 – Design meets high-level

Sophisticated design with most advanced technology

The elegant premium SIP device COMfortel D-600 offers just about everything that makes the "office heart" beat faster. This high-end device combines sophisticated design with the most advanced technology - designed, engineered and Made in Germany.

The high-resolution 7" colour display with capacitive touch is clearly structured so that you never lose track. The intuitive user interface further emphasises this. 40 self-labelling function keys including status signalling are available for direct access.

The special highlight is the gesture control. Wake up the telephone with a simple hand movement or mute the ring tone for incoming calls. Comfort is a top priority with this high-end device, e.g. the display and keypad lighting adapt to the lighting conditions. HD audio quality thanks to wideband support ensures perfect communication.

The top-of-the-line model is both wireless LAN- and Bluetooth-enabled. Easily connect a Bluetooth headset to have more room to move and both hands free while working. Professional headsets, such as the COMfortel H-500, can be connected via the EHS interface.

The COMfortel D-600 is also the perfect choice for larger extensions in the office. Up to three COMfortel D-XT20 keypad extensions can be connected to the COMfortel D-600.

Just like the COMfortel D-400, the high-end device of the D series supports IP cameras. Configure your video door intercom in a time-saving and convenient way via provisioning, so that in future the image of the IP cam will automatically appear on the screen while the doorbell is ringing. The corresponding function keys of the desktop telephone or keypad extension can also be used to open the door and switch on the light for the visitor.

Further information can be found on the corresponding product page for the COMfortel D-600.

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