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Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – DIY store

Supporting food shops and supermarkets with sales

Employees: 34

"We have recently added a COMmander 6000R specifically as part of a comprehensive solution that makes our work much easier. First of all, this PBX provides every imaginable telephony comfort. But, in addition to this, the system also controls many more things such as announcements in the sales room via the a/b audio box. This can be done by every device. It also controls the EC cash devices: as they are connected to the PBX, they send all data directly to reception. The time-controlled announcement texts are also very useful: opening times, special offers – it means that the right announcement is always selected. Even the images from the surveillance cameras can be selected using my COMfortel 2600 IP desk phone – an IP telephone with a colour touchscreen display and every imaginable amenity – all at the press of a button!"

Peter W.
Managing Director

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