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"The fact that we now have a COMpact 5200 at home is partly down to my 14-year-old son – he probably inherited his enthusiasm for all things technical from me. Two things tipped the scales in its favour: the long planned switchover to VoIP and the foolproof integration of various peripheral devices. The images from a total of five web cams installed in and around the house, from the tree house to the hamster cage, can now be retrieved on the telephone display of my COMfortel 2600 IP at the touch of a button and, if the doorbell rings, we can view the image from our video door intercom immediately. My son even managed to set the time control for the house lighting by himself. And since he was allowed to add a WLAN access point of his own for him and his sister, he is now in her good books too. They were thrilled with the new quality when streaming videos. In theory, I can also use the system to block expensive value added and service phone numbers but I don't think that is necessary for my children. It might sound as though I only purchased the system for the fun of it, but that isn't the case. Firstly, it helps make savings, secondly I don't need to guess if a call might be for me every time the phone rings, and thirdly I feel more independent thanks to the 'multi-path call forwarding', even though every member of the family has their own voice mailbox and fax box. Speaking of independence: with the 'PBX Manager' app, I am even able to control the system from my smartphone when I'm out and about."

Sebastian L.
Sales Manager, family man and techie