UP0/S0 Adapter

Converts from 2-core UP0 to 4-core S0

1 internal S0 port (PTMP connection, DSS-1) via 2-core connection

Simple installation using Western plugs, a fixed installation alternatively via screw terminals

2 RJ-45 plugs for ISDN system telephones from the COMfortel® series and standard ISDN devices

LEDs for displaying operational states

Can be operated as a desktop or wall-mounted device

Your advantages in detail

With the UP0/S0 adapter, ISDN system telephones from the COMfortel series and standard ISDN devices can be adapted to the UP0 port of an ICT system. Enables "old" 2-core cables to be useable for ISDN connections.

Features & technical data

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  • Adapter for connection at a 2-wire-UP0 port, transforming to 4-wire S0 interface
  • 1 internal S0 port with 2 plugs for 2 system or ISDN telephones
  • Power supply via the UP0 port
  • Installation via western plugs, fix installation via screw terminals possible
  • LEDs for signalling operating and functional states



Operating voltage

via the internal UP0 port of the ICT system


1 x UP0 port for connecting the ICT system, 2 x S0 port Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), PTMP

Range of internal S0 port

approx. 15 m

Casing material

plastic, grey

Dimensions (d x h)

Ø 95 mm x 33 mm


approx. 100 g



Delivery Scope

  • UP0/S0 Adapter
  • UP0 connection cable RJ-45/RJ-11 (ca. 4 m)
  • Mounting material (screws and dowel)
  • User manual

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