TFS-Universal plus

New from old – quite simple

It is not always possible to simply replace an old door intercom system with a new one without major modifications. Installation boxes fixed in the masonry, bell buttons suitable for the door or even entire mailbox systems set the limits here. The solution: the TFS-Universal plus. It offers state-of-the-art technology, only requires a two-core cable to connect and fits into existing mailboxes or recessed recesses.

Multifunctional and for every installation situation

If you have an ITK system with a free a / b port, the TFS-Universal plus door intercom system can be connected in no time and programmed by telephone. The modern electronics ensure the best communication, even in difficult environmental situations.

With ten universal screw tabs, there is always an option for secure attachment. Or you can simply stick the housing behind the front panel of your bell system using the full-surface adhesive pad. The microphone sits in its own small housing part, which can also be installed separately and optimised for the prevailing installation conditions. The existing bell buttons - up to four are possible - and a door release relay can be connected directly.

Additional switching options for e.g. B. staircase lighting, the connection of a signaling contact in the mailbox and the forwarding of the doorbell to a cell phone with direct voice contact to the visitor at the door are other features that are often used.

Looking for more technical specs?

Sales Configurator (SC)

- the easy way to the right system

Customer requirements for communication solutions are constantly increasing and with them the complexity and scalability of ITC systems. Project planning therefore takes up more and more time. Here, the free Sales Configurator offers a simple and fast solution. It gives you the opportunity to efficiently plan communication solutions and create project planning proposals.

Sales Configurator (SC)