COMfortel® WS-R2

Simple and fast extension of the radio coverage, especially in remote locations, with the COMfortel WS-R2 repeater

Range optimisation of the IP-DECT wireless systems

Distances up to 300 m possible

Up to 3 COMfortel® WS-R2 repeater can be attached to one COMfortel® WS-Base

Support for 2 calls simultaneously within the repeater radio cell

Easy wall or ceiling mounting

Your advantages in detail

The COMfortel WS-R2 repeater significantly extend the range of the IP-DECT wireless system, especially in most remote areas where it is not possible to deploy a COMfortel WS-Base base station.

The flexible arrangement of the repeaters – circular and/or in a line – ensures secure coverage even in difficult physical conditions with difficult to access areas or over long distances.
Up to 3 repeaters can be attached to one base station. For setup and configuration an easy to operate repeater programming kit is available.

The entire IP-DECT wireless system comprises the COMfortel WS-400 IP or COMfortel WS-650 IP servers, the COMfortel WS-Base base stations, optional COMfortel WS-R2/R4 repeaters and the COMfortel M-100/M-210/M-310 DECT handsets.

Compatible products

Features & technical data

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Phone connectivity options

  • Extension of the range of a COMfortel WS-Base with up to 3 repeaters
  • 2 (WS-R2) or 4 (WS-R4) voice channels within the radio cell of the repeater
  • Easy setup and configuration with optional programming kit (available as download)
  • LED indicates different operation states
  • Easy wall or ceiling mounting



Power supply

plug-in power supply 9 V DC (included)

Power consumption

approx. 2 W

Operating temperature

between +10 °C and +40 °C

Storage temperature

between -50 °C and +70 °C

Radio interface


Radio channels

2 simultaneous speech channels per repeater radio cell

Typical range

300 m outdoors, 50 m indoors





Dimensions (w x h x d)

100 mm x 100 mm x 38 mm


approx. 160 g



Delivery Scope

  • COMfortel WS-R2 or COMfortel WS-R4
  • Wall-mounted power supply 9 V
  • Mounting hardware (screws and dowels)
  • Setup Guide (German/English)

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