COMfortel® M-530

Robust DECT telephone with rubberized housing and extra-long battery life

Whether in dusty workshops, in wet outdoor situations or just in a hectic situation in which something falls down: the COMfortel M-530 feels at home wherever it gets tough.

Its shock-resistant and water-repellent rubber housing to IP65 makes it the perfect companion for tough everyday work. The illuminated colour display is easy to read even in a dark environment, and the large and audibly appealing keys are easy to operate even with gloves on.

Hard shell but smart core with various features

Its interior shares the many advantages of the M-Series: headset connection, hands-free operation, vibration alarm and individual audio profiles – the COMfortel M-530 can be perfectly adapted to any situation. Ergonomic via the side buttons for volume control during conversations and always comprehensible thanks to HD audio quality with wideband.

And if it takes longer: with up to 14 hours talk time and 320 hours standby, you can always rely on the COMfortel M-530. And practically everywhere – thanks to seamless roaming and the ability to transfer connections in multicell environments with up to 60 base stations. This guarantees comfortable freedom of movement and high flexibility for employees on company premises.

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