A network protocol that enables a client to access, modify and synchronise calendar data on a remote server via WebDAV
call deflection
Calls to a particular telephone number are, for example, transferred to a smartphone or other land line connection
call flow display
The call flow display is used to identify the call number dialled by the customer
call hold
A subscriber can put an existing call connection on hold and use the on-hold time, for example, to establish another call connection for questions or to switch between the two calls, if required
call protection
This function blocks incoming calls from particular phone numbers or subscribers or calls received at particular times
call through
A procedure used, for example, to forward a call made on a mobile telephone to an external subscriber number, via an ICT system, so that the ICT system's telephone number is sent to this subscriber
caller ID
Identifies and displays the telephone number, and if relevant, the name of the calling party (if the name is present in Contacts or if it is transferred directly via CNIP)
capacitive touch function
When this is implemented, you can gently touch the surface of the display to trigger a control function
A network protocol that enables a client to access, modify and synchronise contact information on a remote server via WebDAV
Meaning: "Cordless Advanced Technology" – Internet and quality
The Call Forwarding Busy function forwards a call if the telephone number is busy
The Call Forwarding on No Reply function forwards a call that has not been picked up after a specified time period has passed
The Call Forwarding Unconditional function forwards a call immediately
When CLIP is implemented, the caller's telephone number is displayed before the call is accepted
CLIP no screening
When CLIP no screening is implemented, customer-specific telephone numbers are transferred without being verified
cloud computing
In cloud computing, shared computer resources are made available on request, usually over the Internet and on a non-device-specific basis, for example in the form of servers, data storage systems or applications
cloud service
A non-hardware-specific service, usually offered over the Internet
cloud solution
A non-hardware-specific product or service, usually offered over the Internet
cloud storage
External storage for one or more users, usually offered over the Internet
Technology based on cloud computing
Generates a quiet background noise during pauses in speech in IP telephony to prevent the listener having the impression that the connection has been interrupted
When CNIP is implemented, and the caller's name is already present in the telephone's telephone book or in the ICT system, it is displayed on the telephone's display screen even before the call is accepted
code lock function
A code lock is a character string that you enter using the keyboard to trigger a function, for example, to open a door in an Auerswald or FONtevo door terminal system
A codec consists of two functional units for coding and decoding signals and data; codecs are used in video and audio technology
A device's conformity to the legally applicable standard
In a technical environment, means the options for affecting a device or software application that are dependent on its current state
A technology that uses computers and specialised software to control and coordinate telephone services
CTI software
Specialised software for controlling and coordinating telephone services with the computer