Conditions of Warranty

  1. Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG, Vor den Grashöfen 1, 38162 Cremlingen, Germany, grants 24 months Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of purchase, as the manufacturer of this product.
  2. For you, as a consumer, this means: We guarantee that our devices are error-free when supplied. If a manufacturing error is identified within 24 months of the delivery date we will repair or replace the device free of charge without you, as the consumer, having to provide the usual legally required proof that this fault was present when you received the device. We either use new parts or parts in mint condition for the repair or replacement delivery. Any parts removed from the device become our property and can be destroyed by us.
  3. In addition to this warranty, you have the unlimited legal right to claim against the supplier on the basis of the terms of the warranty for defects on the basis of the purchase contract. However, in contrast to our Manufacturer's Warranty, the legal warranty for defects only applies to the device's state when sold (handover).
  4. You can only claim against this warranty if you return the faulty device to Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG or our local general importer or distributor, outside Germany, at your own cost, with a valid proof of purchase (invoice or till receipt). When you return it to us, please provide a detailed description of the fault that has occurred, and also tell us your telephone number, in case we need to contact you. To prevent shipping damage, provide suitable transport packaging (e.g. original packaging with a secondary shipping box).
  5. The Manufacturer's Warranty excludes damage caused by mishandling, operating errors, misuse, external influences, lightning strikes/power surges, modifications to the product and extensions. Also excluded are wearing parts (e.g. batteries, fuses, rechargeable batteries and memory cards) and damage caused by wearing parts (e.g. if batteries go flat). Shipping damage, consequential damage, and costs arising from down times and travel times are also excluded.
  6. The warranty is cancelled if repairs are carried out by unauthorised agents.