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Custom-tailored communication solutions – VoIP/All IP, ISDN and analogue.
Telephones and PBX systems that will leave you fully satisfied for a long time.

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    Home Office

    Be it for business or private use – a small PBX system
    pays off at once. Aside from effectively cutting the
    family’s phone bill, it will introduce you to a new
    level of convenience.

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    Small Office

    Interested in entering a new era where making calls via
    the Internet is just as normal as integrating external
    extensions? Since all our “Small Office” PBX systems are
    upgradeable, there’s no way to make a “wrong decision”.

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    When it comes to versatility, convenience and
    expandability, our “Business Class” PBX systems
leave nothing to be desired. Years later, you will
    still be able to extend the scope of functions as required.

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