COMfortel® D-Series

Our lineup for premium SIP telephony

Guaranteed reliable – SIP telephony with premium features

With the smart SIP telephones of the COMfortel D-Series, we combine premium features with open standards.

Modern, functional design for impressive performance.

Minimal set-up time with Zero-Touch-Provisioning. No restart required.

Maximum compatibility and investment protection thanks to our support of open standards.

White special edition - exclusive and limited!

The white COMfortel D-400 and D-600 with the matching D-XT20i extension are real designer pieces. The desktop telephones not only adorn any desk, but their clean look also makes them ideal for use in medical environments such as hospitals, care facilities and doctors' surgeries. Get the special edition now!

The special edition of the COMfortel D-series including extension is available from selected distribution partners. Please contact us!

End-users can find a specialist dealer near them here.

The versatile line-up meeting every requirement

The COMfortel D-Series consistent, clean design is distinguished by a timelessly elegant style and a small footprint.
Whether entry-level or high-end phone - across all devices, the basic feature set enhances your professional communication claim.

The headset port offers high comfort and mobility while making calls.
Best audio quality is guaranteed with all phones thanks to wideband technology.

Call handling and user interface are consistent across the D-Series and intuitively lead to the right operation without training time. The professional feature set in combination with the customisable and self labeling function keys make everyday work easier and increase the productivity of your employees.
Conferences with up to three participants are possible.

The open SIP standard offers advantages such as compatibility, security, sustainability and investment protection, and enables easy integration into existing solutions. The D-Series owes its tremendous flexibility and versatility to an optimised integration of the light yet efficient scripting language Lua to meet any project requirements. A fully featured native VPN client, dual stack IPv4/IPv6 and the integrated Ethernet Switch reduce investment and maintenance costs in the IT infrastructure. The highly time-saving installation through zero-touch provisioning without rebooting as well as the neat web interface complete the professional profile and ensure easy and costefficient deployment and administration.

COMfortel® D-600

Elegant design and comfort with the most advanced technology - designed, engineered and Made in Germany. With the elegant premium SIP device COMfortel D-600, your desk becomes an eye-catcher! The top-of-the-line model of the D-Series leaves nothing to be desired and offers everything for a successful working day.

Excellent readability thanks to brilliant 7" touch display

Pure ease of use through innovative gesture control

Maximum comfort at any time of day with adaptive keyboard illumination and automatic display brightness

Maximum connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth

COMfortel® D-400

The COMfortel D-400 combines the practical design and elegant minimalism of the D-Series with the functional range of a professional communication solution for the highest demands.
This guarantees impressive performance and maximum efficiency in everyday business.

Bi-directional synchronisation of contacts and calendar events via CardDav /CalDav

Excellent visual clarity thanks to high-resolution 4.3" colour display.

Highest productivity and best usability through intuitive user interface and touch control.

20 digital function keys including a multicoloured status signalling

COMfortel® D-210

The COMfortel D-210 easily plays along with its bigger brothers: by connecting up to three COMfortel D-XT20i expansion modules, the slim IP phone becomes a professional communications centre with 66 freely programmable function keys and three high-resolution 4.3" displays for highly efficient work in daily business.

18 self-labelling function keys incl. LED signalling (6 keys in three layers)

Up to 3 key extension modules D-XT20i for max. 180 additional functions

4 context-sensitive soft keys

Low investment costs in additional IT equipment due to Gigabit Ethernet switch for up to 1,000 Mbits

COMfortel® D-110

Even the entry-level model COMfortel D-110 is packed with professional features such as self-labelling function keys including LED signalling, context-sensitive soft keys and a headset connection for cordless headsets with Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) to enjoy comfortable freedom of movement and have both hands free when telephoning. Additionally, the intuitive user interface with its illuminated graphic display visibly improves day-to-day productivity.

18 self-labelling function keys incl. LED signalling (6 keys in three layers)

Illuminated and high-contrast graphic display


4 context-sensitive soft keys

Miriam Voss (36), Art Director at a creative agency

What our happy customers say

Above all, easy to use

"In addition to our smartphones, a land line telephone must make our working day easier, look attractive and, above all, be easy to use. Forwarding a call or holding a three-way call all work at the first go, even if you've never used a COMfortel D-Series telephone before."

Professional equipment is what really matters in office life

"In critical situations, it's always particularly helpful to be able to call the customer in person. It helps sort things out quickly without any added complications. Then, it's even more important to have professional equipment like the D-400 to hand, because it can be used immediately and can handle all the challenges that arise in the course of "daily business".

I like to wear a wireless headset when I'm on longer calls, so that I can take the calls directly when necessary. My desk-top D-400 has an LED which can be seen from any direction, and shows I'm on a call. That's really useful!"

D-Series at a glance

Here you will find the most important features of our products at a glance.


COMfortel® D-600

Top-of-the-line premium SIP device with 7" touch display

Product details

The elegant premium SIP device COMfortel D-600 offers just about everything that makes the "office heart" beat faster. This high-end device combines sophisticated design with the most advanced technology - designed, engineered and made in Germany.

  • Brilliant 7" touch display
  • Adaptive keyboard illumination and automatic display brightness
  • Innovative gesture control
  • Bluetooth and WiFI
  • 40 self-labelling function keys with status LED
  • 3 x USB ports
  • Expandable to 220 keys with up to three D-XT20i expansion modules
  • Gigabit switch 10/100/1000 Mbits

COMfortel® D-400

High-end IP/SIP Phone with high-resolution 4.3" touch display

Product details

The COMfortel D-400 has a clear design that is dominated by a large touchscreen and blends in well with any modern office environment.


  • ​High-resolution 4.3" touch display
  • 20 self-labelling function keys with status signalling
  • 2x USB ports
  • Can be extended to 200 keys, using up to three D-XT20i expansion modules
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit switch
  • Optional Bluetooth extension
  • Optional wall mounting

COMfortel® D-210

Flexible expandable all-rounder

Product details

The COMfortel D-210 expertly bridges the gap between IP telephony at an entrylevel price and a professional range of features that are second to none.

  • Illuminated high-contrast graphic display
  • 18 self-labelling function keys, including multi-colour status signalling (6 keys on three levels)
  • Four context-sensitive soft keys
  • 1 x USB port
  • Can be extended to 198 keys, using up to three D-XT20i expansion modules
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit switch
  • Optional wall mounting

COMfortel® D-110

Basic model with numerous features

Product details

Handy features, a smart user interface, functional design: our spacesaving COMfortel D-110 is tailor-made for small offices, home offices and call centres.

  •  Illuminated high-contrast graphic display
  • 18 self-labelling function keys, including multi-colour status signalling (6 keys on three levels)
  • Four context-sensitive soft keys
  • Fast Ethernet-Switch 10/100 MBits
  • Optional wall mounting