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Please note: COMuniq ONE can only be obtained by end customers with sites located in Germany.

Clever COMmunication

for everyone. Everywhere.


The All-In-One cloud PBX for the best possible monthly charges. Telephony, video, chat, mobile telephony and a telephone connection for flexible business communication.


A seamless transition between a computer, smartphones or telephone – always the right app.

Work flexibly, in the office, at home or on the move.



"At Auerswald, we believe
that communication should be as
individual as people themselves."


COMuniq ONE: the futuristic All-In-One cloud platform offers these benefits:

Availability individualisation

One phone number for all devices, non-location-specific, depending on working habits and required availability and with maximum planning flexibility.


Always the right app, ensuring a consistent user experience through maximum flexibility

For iOS, Android, Windows & macOS

Simple and effective communications for mobile working

Phone, instant messaging, file sharing and video conferencing optimise collaboration. For the best results, when people work together, and high levels of employee satisfaction.


Maximum freedom and flexibility

Simple adjustment of users and functions (pay per use) for all company sites. Supports requirement-oriented ROI.


Message. Video. Phone.



Price list


€ 3,90

monthly per User / extension


€ 6,90

monthly per User / extension
Telephonyfrom 0.99 ct/minfrom 0.99 ct/min
Pay per user / monthly cancellable
IP-Phone support
Business Telephony Features
Free number portability
Meeting 1:1
Mobile App incl. Softphone
Desktop App incl. Softphone
Add-Ons per User
Allnet flatoptional
Queue Agentoptional
Queue Supervisoroptional
Meeting 25optional
Ad hoc Call Recordingoptional

price list

Maximum flexibility and scalability - thanks to the cost-effective pay-per-use model and the monthly cancellation option. Details can be found in the price list.

Download (German)

Work together from every location, as if you were in the office

The perfect solution for mobile working. Employees can choose to work anywhere they like: location is no longer relevant. COMuniq ONE gives every device access to the functions available on the cloud PBX. With just one click, the smartphone then becomes a business telephone and each location becomes a mobile workplace.

In addition, your customers can contact your employees using a common phone number, no matter where they are, or what unplanned stops they make. That ensures availability and increases opportunities for earning revenues.

The All-in-One cloud PBX in daily practice

A medical practice faces many challenges in its everyday work: many calls are received, there are few staff, and the working situation in reception and in treatment rooms is fluid and ever-changing. COMuniq ONE can be combined with Auerswald end devices to seamlessly integrate communication and enable intelligent management of inbound calls:


COMuniq ONE system functions overview

  • "ONE-Number" concept – availability using a common phone number
  • Presence management (BLF)
  • Virtual voicemail system with e-mail forwarding
  • Individual availability outside opening times
  • IVR – individual voice menu
  • Group function and call management
  • Call blocking functions and call rules
  • Flexible control of call forwarding
  • Contact synchronisation with Office 365 & Google Contacts
  • Virtual meeting room for up to 12 call participants
  • Call history and log
  • Zero-touch provisioning of IP telephones
  • Music on hold (MOH)
  • Web administration from every location
  • Central backup management

Improving the customer experience on a telephone

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution/queue) is a powerful call control system that turns your business into a call centre. Customers get a professional call experience that can be customised to meet business needs:

Extend your business users with the Queue Agent option to log in and out of the ACD. The Queue Supervisor is authorised to pull reports on the participating agents, workload and waiting time.

Video conferences made easy

Meeting 25 enables video conferences with up to 25 subscribers to be set up quickly and easily, directly from the browser. No need for external software or downloads!

The virtual meeting room offers:

  • Waiting room function with active access control by the moderator
  • Access to screens or documents for remote users, for efficient collaboration
  • Online chat and notes for productive communication
  • Dial-in via telephone, to integrate the requirements of individual participants
  • Options for recording meetings, to optimise knowledge management

Simply load the browser, desktop or mobile app and off you go!

The soft client for all requirements:

  • HD audio for best voice quality
  • Synchronisation with Office 365 and Google Contacts for easy contacts management
  • Professional voicemail for easy management of inbound voice messages
  • Presence management (BLF) including personal availability
  • Instant Messaging – 1:1 chats and groups Send photos and videos
  • FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) – users can choose between telephony via data or mobile telephony (GSM), depending on their preferred user scenario


Maximum flexibility and scalability - thanks to the cost-effective pay-per-use model and the monthly cancellation option. Details can be found in the price list.


Download (German)


Cloud vs. Cloud - trendsetting and flexible business communication

Hybrid working models and distributed teams are changing the communication requirements in small and medium-sized companies. Cloud solutions seem to be the right and obvious answer for this.

However, before users and resellers join the cloud technology trend, they should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of business communication from the cloud and what are the alternatives?
  • Which cloud PBX variant is the right one for which target group, and how can solutions be successfully marketed?

Find out the answers in the video!(German)

Your Auerswald benefits


360° portfolio – solutions for all individual customer requirements from one single source

Digital onboarding and product presentation to act quickly on the market

Our excellent support provides implementation assistance and assistance with service cases for high customer satisfaction

Do you have any questions about COMuniq ONE? We will be happy to answer them.

What is a cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX is a software-based, virtual telephone system that is hosted in the provider's data center. COMuniq ONE as an all-in-one solution offers all the important features of modern business communication on one platform. Telephony, video, chat, mobile communications and an IP telephone connection are available to users.

Appropriate apps ensure the seamless transition between the various devices such as computers, smartphones or desktop phones at all times. Accessibility under one and the same telephone number (One number concept) is ensured regardless of location and device.

A key factor in terms of the flexibility of the solution is the pay-per-use principle, which includes the easy customization of users and functions. COMuniq ONE can be used with a single license, which makes the cloud telephone system particularly attractive for small companies. The flexible addition of individual functions with short terms also enables users to adapt the solution easily and quickly to current needs.

How does the move to the cloud work?

COMuniq ONE offers you the opportunity to put your business communication on a professional footing from the very first user. There are a few things to consider when moving to the cloud:

  1. Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
    To ensure good voice quality, you need approx. 100kbit/s in sending and receiving direction (upload/download) per call.
  2. Telephone numbers
    Discuss with your COMuniq ONE sales partner whether you want to keep your existing phone numbers or order new ones - a combination of both is also possible.

    Tip: With the CLIP no Screening function, you can always indicate the correct company number to your customers - availability is guaranteed and you create a smooth transition to the cloud.

  3. IP enabled phones
    COMuniq ONE can also be used without an IP-enabled end device. For this you simply use the integrated softphone of the desktop and mobile apps (from COMuniq ONE Business). For additional comfort at your workplace, Auerswald recommends the IP telephones of the COMfortel® D series and for mobile use (Dect) the COMfortel® M series

    Tip: If you would like to continue using your previous IP telephones, this is basically possible. COMuniq ONE supports many IP-enabled end devices available on the market. Your COMuniq ONE sales partner will be happy to advise you.

Can I take my phone number(s) with me free of charge?

Existing numbers and blocks of numbers can be transferred (ported) by your provider to COMuniq ONE free of charge. There is also the option of assigning new phone numbers for a one-time fee.

Does the tariff option “Allnet Flat” must be booked for all COMuniq ONE Business Users?

It is optional to book the Allnet Flat for COMuniq ONE Business. You have the choice for which users or extensions you want to book this tariff option.

In which countries is COMuniq ONE available?

COMuniq ONE can be booked by companies with a fixed line in Germany. Of course, you can use the desktop and mobile clients outside of Germany.

Where is COMuniq ONE hosted?

COMuniq ONE is operated and provided in geo-redundant and GDPR-compliant data centers within Europe. This ensures maximum availability in the event of a disruption.

What bandwidth is required to be able to use COMuniq ONE?

In order to use COMuniq ONE from Auerswald, all you need is an Internet broadband connection. Based on the bandwidth of your Internet connection, you can calculate how many calls you can have at the same time. To ensure good voice quality, you need approx. 100kbit/s in sending and receiving (upload/download) per call. It should also be noted that you also need bandwidth for Internet use by computers and other devices registered in the network.

Which standard SIP port does COMuniq ONE use?

Port 5080 is provided for SIP by default for COMuniq ONE.
Alternatively, port 5060 can be activated via the "Device tag" setting.

Which IP telephones can be operated on COMuniq ONE?

Auerswald IP terminals of the COMfortel® D-series and COMfortel® M-series are supplied with the previously stored configuration by COMuniq ONE when they start via auto-provisioning. IP end devices from third-party manufacturers, e.g. Yealink, can be activated for auto-provisioning for stored configurations for a one-off fee.

How can I order COMuniq ONE?

COMuniq ONE and COMuniq ONE services from Auerswald can be ordered from 1st of June 2022 on via one of our COMuniq ONE sales partners. Our team will help you to find the right partner. Contact us now!

Is there a contract period?

COMuniq ONE offers you maximum freedom and flexibility. Users and additional functions can be flexibly adapted (upgraded) at any time via your COMuniq ONE sales partner. The termination (downgrade) of individual users and tariff options are always possible at the end of the month.

How much does COMuniq ONE cost?

COMuniq ONE can already be used monthly. €3.90 plus VAT. An overview of the various users, including the bookable tariff options and add-ons, is available here. A complete overview including the connection fees can be found here

How is the payment made?

Payment is made by SEPA direct debit. Auerswald will invoice you for the services and fees used at the end of each month. Auerswald calculates the service, the monthly basic fees, from the point in time at which the respective service was activated.


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