cloud solution

A non-hardware-specific product or service, usually offered over the Internet

Auerswald and the Cloud

Many systems in the IT and telecommunication sector that were set up in the past with dedicated hardware are now largely realised virtualised on server systems. Under the common operating systems such as Windows or Linux, an area is set up on which software executes the functions and services. Interfaces provide for the connection of peripheral devices and subsystems.

If these computer resources (server, data storage, bandwidth) are available via the Internet, one speaks of cloud computing, the cloud services offered enable the applications for different areas, e.g. telematics or telecommunications.

In the area of telecommunication, cloud solutions with different characteristics of the services offered have become established. One option is the so-called telephone system in the cloud. Here, all features, services, call number management and tariffing required for telecommunications are realised via software on the cloud server. The telecommunication devices are connected via IP (internet protocol), in the case of IP telephones via a direct server connection, in the case of traditional devices via interfaces that convert e.g. the analogue signal transmission into IP.

A widely used solution is the so-called SIP trunk. An ICT system installed on the user's premises is connected via an IP connection. All telecommunication services are realised in the ICT system, while the cloud server establishes the connection to the worldwide communication infrastructure. Call number management and tariffing are carried out here "en bloc" for the connected ICT system. The subscriber devices and subsystems are "classically" managed by the ICT system.

Auerswald offers a solution that can be configured to customer requirements for all variants of cloud-based telecommunications.

The COMtrexx VM soft PBX offers optimal conditions for an easily realisable cloud solution for up to 250 subscribers and call connections. All features and services required for telecommunications are installed on a customer-owned or rented virtual server in the cloud. A solution that is independent of the performance of the virtual server is COMtrexx Advanced. Here, the complete computing power as well as all features and services are provided on an independent (hardware) appliance.

The SIP trunk solution COMuniq Voice is ideally suited for connecting an "in-house" ICT system, e.g. the COMtrexx Business or systems from the COMpact family. Through the site networking of several systems including the connection of mobile clients and the setting up of virtual conference rooms, this scalable solution is a good choice for companies with branch-oriented structures.

As a purely cloud-based solution without an own "in-house" ICT system, the All-In-One Cloud PBX COMuniq ONE takes communication to a higher level. Ideally suited for small businesses, it offers professional features such as automatic switchboard, queue function and status-dependent call deflection right from the first user. Simple provisioning makes it easy for the administrator to set up the telephones from the COMfortel D- and M-series as well as the COMfortel C-400. Soft clients for Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS and all common browsers ensure accessibility under one telephone number on all devices and platforms.