COMfortel® WS-500S

The COMfortel WS-500S is the DECT single cell system that enables up to 20 handsets to seamlessly connect, handover and roam around your business. It is fully digital with the highest level of security giving you piece of mind that your calls and data are secure.


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V2.44.0 (Stable) | 28.01.2022
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Advanced Information V05 10/2021 PDF
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V05 10/2021 PDF
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Statements of conformity V03 11/2021 PDF
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Advanced Information

Configuring the system

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Online services

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General Information

Instructions for COMfortel WS-500S/500M from firmware version 2.39

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Declaration of conformity: manufacturer and website added

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Important: Do not connect the base station to the local network (LAN) until you have completed Step 4. Provisioning cannot be initiated automatically if the base station is connected before then.

  1. Use the MAC address (label on the rear side of the device) to set up a base station (page Subscriber (Scr.) > COMfortel WS-500X) in the PBX for the COMfortel WS-500S or the COMfortel WS-500M, with its future device role as "DECT Manager and Integrator".
  2. Set up a subscriber in the PBX for every handset that has the device type COMfortel M-5x0. You need to know the handset's IPUI (page Subscriber (Scr) > Phone numbers). You can find out the handset's IPUI by reading it on the handset (press the control key and enter *#06#) or on the packaging label.
  3. Assign a base station to each subscriber (page Subscriber (Scr.) > COMfortel WS-500X > COMfortel M-5x0).
  4. Create a provisioning file for the COMfortel WS-500 device type in the PBX and assign a base station to this file. If the provisioning file is already present, you may need to assign a base station (page Subscriber (Scr.) > IP provisioning > File management).
  5. Use the LAN cable to connect the base station to the network and wait until the boot procedure has finished.
  6. Only COMfortel WS-500M: To set up a multi-cell system, set up the "DECT Manager and Integrator" device role directly on the base station itself.
  7. The base station then boots again and the provisioning file is automatically transferred from the PBX to the base station, to configure the device.
  8. The base station remains in Registration mode for one hour once the provisioning process has successfully finished. During this time, you can register the handset on the base station ("Settings > Registration > Register Handset" on the handset).

Note: If LDAP is set up and selected, the provisioning process copies the PBX telephone book (also called a "directory") to the template in all the handsets.

When installing DECT base stations, the following must be taken into account: 
Always mount base stations on interior walls for radio coverage within the building.
The optimum mounting height of a base station is between 1.8 and 3 m, depending on the room height. If you mount the base stations lower, interference from furniture or moving objects may occur. A minimum distance of 0.50 m from the ceiling should be maintained.
It is recommended that all base stations be mounted at the same height.
Do not mount the base station in false ceilings, cupboards or other enclosed fixtures. Depending on the materials used, this can significantly reduce radio coverage.
The base station should be mounted vertically.
The location and orientation of the installed base station should be identical to the position considered optimal for measurement.
Avoid the immediate vicinity of cable ducts, metal cabinets and other large metal parts. These can reduce radiation and introduce interference signals. You should keep a minimum distance of 50 cm.

You can use different ringtones to identify internal and external calls.
You can also assign individual ringtones to contacts. (VIP function on handset)
No, repeaters are not available for this system.


You need a firmware version 7.8A or newer AND a DECT base firmware 2.26.0 or higher to uses this

In Firmware versions prior to 7.8A the priovisioning file do not contain the necessary information to
enable distincgge ringing.
Starting with version 7.8A-000 the file contains information, but the information is disabled by default to
avoid errors and warnings while provisioning a WS500x base with a firmware version older than V2.26.0.

To enable this feature you have to:

  • update your provisioning file by creating a new one and change the to use the new file for the provisioning of your dect base.
  • change the follwingpart of the configuration file:

You can now store your new configuration file. This will automatically trigger the provisioning
After successfull provisioning, you have to re-register all of your handsets . Only now the new
ringtone settings are shown in the menu of the handset. You can have to manually choose your
favorite ringtone for each calltype on every device.