There are no new dates available at the moment. We are currently planning the new topics and dates for Online-Seminars for you. Just come back to these pages later..

Good service has always been a high priority at Auerswald. In our Online-Seminars we present new products and solutions. We also give you information about new firmware versions that are helpful for the installation and configuration of our ITC products. Real web applications and lots of background information round off these Online-Seminar.

Online-Seminars are interactive seminars held over the Internet. They usually last about 30-45 minutes.

While the speaker is presenting the content to you, you can use the chat function to ask questions simultaneously or to address misunderstandings. A moderator will include your question and the appropriate answer in the Online-Seminar.

Participation in our Online-Seminars is of course free of charge, only prior registration and registration are required. Our partners have the opportunity to find out about our Online-Seminar dates in the protected area. Partners will also receive an invitation by email.

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