New - Firmware for COMfortel D-100 and D-200

Firmware for COMfortel D-100 and D-200 Version 1.4B is available for download


  • Improvement of Audio Quality on Hands-free Calling
    The audio quality on hands-free calling was improved.
  • Time till Connect Through of Audio when Accepting a Call improved
    When accepting a call, the audio of the communication partner is connected though faster.

Bug Fixes

  • General software bug fixes.
  • Speed Dialling Key for external Telephone Number starting with Zero led to Crash of Dialer
    When dialling via a speed dialling key, there is no longer a crash of the dialer. It is now executed when the saved telephone number starts with zero.
  • Pickup always executed without entered Pickup Code
    If no pickup code is entered, pickup is no longer executed.
  • Diverse Bug Fixes
    Diverse internal bug fixes that contribute to more stabilized software were made.

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