New – Firmwareupdate 8.4B

New Update for COMmander 6000 / 6000R / 6000RX, COMpact 5500R / 5200 / 5200R / 5000 / 5000R / 4000

What does the new update offer?

With the new firmware the following new function as well as improvements and bug fixes are available.

New function

  • Multiple accounts possible on one terminal:

A new button has been implemented to ensure that two internal subscribers can be registered on one telephone (COMfortel IP only): Subscriber > VoIP settings > Allow registration with multiple accounts.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • COMfortel SoftPhone:

Sending messages between subscribers of the COMfortel SoftPhone is possible again. For calls/conversations between internal subscribers and contacts in the COMfortel SoftPhone a BLF status is displayed again.

Outgoing calls via COMfortel SoftPhone were rejected with error code 403 or did not go through with the error message 'Forbidden'.

With the COMfortel SoftPhone (desktop client), the ringing tone continued to be played after the call was accepted and the call was terminated by the softphone after approx. 30 seconds.

When creating a softphone subscriber, the special character "&" is no longer permitted when assigning a password, as this caused provisioning to fail.

The device type of the COMfortel SoftPhone was changed in the ICT systems.

  • Negotiation of the codec with HD voice quality forced:

The order of the codecs G.711 and G.722 used in the VoIP operating mode "Wideband" was swapped.

  • Secure access to web interface:

The error in version 8.4A 009 at the access via https to the web interface of the PBX if the "content security policy" was also activated was fixed.

  • Provisioning:

On a COMpact 5200, after creating a provisioning file and commissioning a WS-500, the LDAP phonebook did not work. Error message: Service not available.

  • Telephony:

Due to an error in the "libsrtp" area, there was an increased number of interrupted calls.

On a COMpact 5500, calls with the provider Telekom Magenta were sporadically interrupted.

These errors were fixed.

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