More efficiency when working mobile or from home

Ready for UC – Comprehensive CTI support of COMfortel D-series

Working mobile or from home have become more important than ever for us. Communication and business processes must work smoothly and efficiently both internally and externally. Our UC solution PBX Call Assist offers the best prerequisites for ensuring secure business communication regardless of location and device.

With the free firmware release 7.8A and the update of the LAN TAPI driver for all current communication servers COMmander and COMpact series, the interaction between COMfortel D series desktop telephones and the UC solution PBX Call Assist via the COMmander and COMpact series is perfectly coordinated. The corded SIP telephones now offer extensive CTI support, so that the most important telephone functions can be initiated from the UC client of PBX Call Assist to increase convenience and efficiency in daily working life. Users benefit from a professional and secure communication solution - completely independent of device or location.

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COMfortel D-100   COMfortel D-200   COMfortel D-400

COMpact 4000   COMpact 5000/R   COMpact 5200/R   COMpact 5500R  COMmander 6000

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