Highlights in June: All new COMtrexx® Advanced and COMtrexx Software Rel. 1.4

Open up new business areas with the top of the line COMtrexx appliance

The new COMtrexx Advanced extends the COMtrexx product line-up and, as a soft PBX appliance, offers the highest performance headroom for up to 250 users and 250 concurrent calls. COMtrexx Advanced combines all the benefits of the future-proof COMtrexx Soft-PBX in a compact, enterprise-class rack server. In addition, the COMtrexx software release 1.4 enables important multi-service functions. Both innovations will be available expected from week 24!

Designed for fast and inexpensive realization of projects for up to 250 users, COMtrexx Advanced offers key benefits:

  • 1U 19“rack mount server Soft-PBX Appliance with Intel®Xeon® E CPU
  • Latest version 1.4 of the COMtrexx software
  • Up to a maximum of 250 users can be licensed (as cost-effective floating user licenses)
  • Up to 250 parallel calls
  • Timesaving and fully automated set-up based on zero-touch provisioning
  • Time-restricted Trial mode without functional limitations for 3 users

In addition to supporting COMtrexx Advanced, the new software release 1.4 adds even more flexibility to licensing. Thanks to the multi device functionality a user is no longer tied to a workplace or a specific end device. Following the trend towards mobile working, COMtrexx users can now log on to up to 5 devices simultaneously, still requiring just a single floating user license. The new release 1.4 is also available for COMtrexx Business appliance and for various virtual platforms as COMtrexx VM expected from week 24. COMtrexx Release 1.4 in a nutshell:

  • Multiple Devices - up to 5 desk phones or soft phone clients per user can be logged in at the same time
  • Roaming user function for convenient and fast log-in and -out of end devices within seconds in mobile work environments
  • Time and cost-saving fully automated configuration of SIP end devices thanks to the latest generation of zero-touch provisioning
  • Free upgrade of existing COMtrexx VM and COMtrexx Business user licenses

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