COMfortel D-Series release 1.6 – Premium telephony with open SIP standard

Release 1.6 – Further premium functions for COMfortel D-Series

The free firmware release 1.6 for the COMfortel D-Series offers a wide range of new premium features that benefit both users and resellers in their daily business.


Highlights of the new firmware releases 1.6

Constantly busy? No problem!
Everyone knows this situation – you want to make an important phone call with a colleague and it is always busy. Thanks to CCBS – a classical and long-established telephony feature – also for the COMfortel D-series using the open SIP standard no problem! As soon as the line is free again, the caller is informed and can call again directly through the dialogue. The advantage: The caller does not have to try it again and again and can concentrate on doing other things in the meantime – this saves time and makes the workday more efficient!

Recognising the caller by ring tone
With distinctive ringing, the called party hears at the first ring tone whether it is an internal, external or a group call and can answer the phone accordingly.

Face check at the entrance
As a special highlight, the COMfortel D-400 now also supports IP cameras. For example, the door intercom can be equipped with an IP-Cam and as soon as the doorbell rings the image of the IP-Cam pops up automatically on the COMfortel D-400's screen. The COMfortel D-400's function keys can be used to open the door and even switch on the light for visitors. All that is required is to configure the corresponding function keys and the IP-Cam on the desktop phone - both of which can be realised in a time-saving and convenient manner via provisioning.


Feedback from our customers and partners

Regardless of highlights, with release 1.6 we have also responded to the needs of our customers and partners to make their everyday work easier. One of the requests we met was to reboot the desktop phones conveniently via the user interface of the phone or via the web interface or to reset them to factory settings.

In addition to the mentioned highlights and adjustments of the firmware release 1.6, there are many further improvements of the COMfortel D-series. A detailed list can be found in the corresponding downloads.

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