COMmander¬ģ Business/COMmander¬ģ Business 19"

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Manual for driver installation and internet access (CAPI/TAPI)
(Volume 4.00.66 or better)
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COMmander Business


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COMmander Business 19"


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Technical data

Operating voltage:
230 V ¬Ī 10 %, 50 Hz

Power consumption*:
min. 6 W, max. 70 W

Trunk line connections*:
max. 1 S2M-Port, Point-to-point connection (PTP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1);
max. 8 S0-ports,
point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (PTMP/PTP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1);
2‚Äď24 VoIP channels (
SIP, RFC 3261 compliant), SIP trunking support

VoIP codecs trunk line*:
G.711 (option: G.723.1, G.726, G.729A, iLBC)

Analoge subscriber ports*:
max. for 32 devices, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable

Range of the analog subscriber ports:
2 x 50 ő©, app. 790 m at √ė 0,6 mm

Internal S0 ports*:
24 S0-ports max., point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1)

Range of the S0 ports:
app. 150 m

UP0 ports*:
32 UP0 ports max., point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1)

Range of the UP0 ports:
1.000 m at √ė 0,6 mm

VoIP subscriber*:
2‚Äď24 VoIP-Kan√§le (SIP, RFC 3261 compliant)

VoIP codecs internal*:
G.711 (option: iLBC)

Door intercom ports*:
2 ports max., compliant with FTZ 123 D12-0

Maximum load door opener relay:
30 V AC, max. 1 A

PC connections:
1 Ethernet-Port 10/100Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted pair),
full/half duplex, auto negotiation; 1 USB port (Full-Speed 1.1)

Printer connection:
RS-232 C (V.24), 9.600‚Äď38.400 Baud, 8 n 1

Module slots:
5 Sslots for COMmander 8VoIP-Modul(s), 16VoIP-Module, S2M-Module, 4S0-Module(s), 8S0-Module(s), 8UP0-Module(s), 8a/b-Module(s) and 2TSM analog-Module

closed 19" rack-mounting type casing, 3 HU (height units), stainless steel front

Dimensions (w x h x d):
483 mm x 132,5 mm x 410 mm

Gewicht:: ca. 4.600 g (6.500 g)** (ohne Erweiterungsmodule)

Mounting dept (from front panel):
approx. 430 mm (incl. cable inserting spout)

app. 6.000 g (without expansion modules)

ca. 540 mm ab Frontplatte (inkl. Kabeleinf√ľhrung hinten)

(ohne Module) ca. 14 ( 15,5***) kg



* dependent from the PBX¬īs expansion configuration

** Werte in Klammer beziehen sich auf COMmander Business inkl. Gehäuseerweiterung

** with COMmander Business Xtension

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