COMmander¬ģ 6000-Serie

COMmander 6000/COMmander 6000R/COMmander 6000RX

- Public Beta -

The here provided software is a software in the beta phase (known as public beta) whose functions have been enhanced or optimized. The Beta software is accessible for everyone. Nevertheless, the company Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG expressly accepts no liability for malfunctions that can occur in connection with the use of a public beta in all systems and products. Still, released public beta versions have undergone preliminary testing and we are happy about feedback and opinions from our users.
A usability guarantee and liability for any damage that could arise from this software is expressly excluded.
We recommend a data backup of the current configuration before the update of a public beta. A downgrade is possible at any time.

Your feedback is important for us. Send us an e-mail at

Public Beta Firmware

7.4B 007 Public Beta 15. 11. 2019 Download 50.043 KByte

Licence Information for Firmware PDF Download

Open Source Code for GPL, LGPL and other Licences (ISO Image)

210819 22. 08. 2019 Download 3.82 GByte

You will find release information in the following PDF.

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