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  2.8D 17. 12. 2018 Download 202.677 Kbyte changelog

Licence Information for Firmware PDF Download

Open Source Code for GPL, LGPL and other Licences (ISO Image)

181218 17. 12. 18 Download 5.8 GByte

After the firmeware update to version 2.6D, the power save mode in the telephone is disabled. To continue using this function, it can be enabled under Menu > Settings > Display > Power save mode behaviour

Please note that as of firmware 2.4B it is no more possible to go back to an older firmware version.

In case of an error message from the configuration manager after a firmware update, you should empty the cache of your web browser or wait approx. 5 minutes and try to login again.

Language file for voicemail boxes

Language: de, en, es, el, fr, it, nl, pl

08. 06. 2017 Download 82.331 KByte

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