- advice and help via internet

Access to the ROS session

Why Remote·Online·Support

During a hotline call the hotline agent realises that it would be an advantage if he could show the caller directly on the screen how certain settings e.g. in the configuration program should be made. With Remote‚ÄĘOnline‚ÄĘSupport (ROS) you can show the hotline agent your screen contents, you can hand over the remote control for mouse and keyboard. Now you can work together interactively.

The requirements

There are always two participants in a ROS session:

  • The consultant (the Auerswald Support hotliner) who organises, opens and conducts the ROS session
  • You as the customer who gets help

For the establishment of an ROS session you will get a support key. This has to be entered in the field ‚ÄěSupport Key‚Äú. With the button ‚ÄěStart‚Äú the participant software will be downloaded automatically and started. For the connection establishment a Java security check has to be confirmed in some cases.

Clever Ideas