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COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP

Version Changes

(12. 11. 2019)


  • Improved audio quality
    Various optimisations were made in the software again, so that the audio quality was further improved.
  • Fully Qualified Host Name
    In order to guarantee a differentiation between different IP telephones in the network, e.g. in the logfile of the DCHP server, the host name is shown separately. By default the host name assembles the telephone type and the last three bytes of the MAC address.
    • Cf2600-05-0F-AB
    • Cf1400-05-0F-AC


  • The ringtone was independent of the volume setting in a call briefly very loud
    During a call to the phone, the volume of the ringtone is now not very loud anymore for a short time.
  • Contacts were not displayed on a configured Google account
    Contacts are now synchronised again in a configured Google account and therefore displayed.
  • Login in the Configuration Manager was simplified
    The registration on the web interface when operating with Auerswald systems was simplified for certain users. This potential security hole has been closed.
  • At the initial setup via the Configuration Manager the special character hyphen was not accepted
    The special character hyphen is now accepted at the initial setup via the Configuration Manager.
  • 10 MBit usage was not possible
    The COMfortel 2600 IP and COMfortel 1400 IP telephones can now be used with a 10 MBit Ethernet network.
  • Headset operation: Headset ringing was no longer functional
    An incoming call is now signalled again on the headset when the headset ringing is activated.
  • Fixing of a security hole
    A security hole has been fixed in the firmware.
  • Time information in e-mail notifications was incorrect
    An e-mail notification about failed calls now shows the correct time information.
  • Double-click for shift was not ignored
    If "Double-click for shift" is deactivated in the telephone's setting, there is no more double-click when pressing the function key twice.
  • External Call Forwarding did not work after provisioning
    If a COMfortel 2600 IP is provisioned with the standard.xml file of the PBX, the switching of an external call forwarding via function key is now working.

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