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COMfortel® 1100/COMfortel® 1500/COMfortel® 2500/COMfortel® 2500 AB

  Version Changes

(11. 01. 16)


  • After an update from version 4.4F to 4.4H remote extensions no longer accessible
    After an update from version 4.4F to 4.4H, remote extensions were no longer accessible.
  • A newly generated contact was not displayed if more than 400 entries already existed
    If the telephone book had more than 400 entries, a newly generated contact was only displayed after rebooting the telephone. This malfunction only occurred if the telephone was operated on a COMpact 4410 USB.
  • The ring pattern for not defined groups overwrote the ring telephone number number-dependently
    The settings under ring pattern number-dependent for groups were overwritten if under ring pattern call-specific, a ring pattern was selected for “call for not defined groups“.
  • “Door opening“ not siganlized on a function key at COMfortel 2500
    If a function key was assigned for “opening door“ on a COMfortel 2500 and the door was opened (relay switching), the LED of the function key did not signalize it.
  • Query of a voice mailbox with active automatic call recording led to a system crash of the telephone
    On a COMfortel VoIP 2500 answering machine, the automatic call recording was activated via the function key. After the query of a voice mailbox on a COMpact 5020, the telephone rebooted or the system crashed and was no longer operable.

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